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Gaudí spent most of his professional career building the Expiatory Church of La Sagrada Família, He received the commission in late 1883 and it occupied the his whole life. He did other work there, such as the Provisional Schools of La Sagrada Família (1909), and the construction of the workshop, where he worked with models and photographs, and where for his final years he went to live to follow the work from closer up. Walter Gropius came to the church in 1907, but did not manage to talk to Gaudí, "who was working busily".

In 1910 Güell promoted an exhibition of Gaudí's work at Le Grand Palais in Paris, It had a certain international echo, which reached as far as the United States and introduced him to the architect Sullivan (Chicago School).

A few years later, in 1922, the Congress of Spanish Architects was held in Barcelona and supported his work. The same year he received a commission to do a project for a church for Our Lady of Rancagua, in Chile, for which he proposed to build the chapel of the Assumption in the apse.

In 1923-1924 the architects Neufert and Linder, on the advice of Walter Gropius, visited Gaudí. They made friends with him and published an important article in the journal Deutsche Bauzeitung.
Elevation of the church drawn by Gaudí
Apse of La Sagrada Família, 1892
Nativity façade, 1926