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The sculptures on the Glory façade, which is still under construction, will present man in the general order of creation, showing his origin, his purpose and the roads he must take to accomplish it.

In this space Gaudí brings out the eternal dilemma: the final place of sin, hell, and the final place of virtue, heaven. Generally speaking this façade will show how, through the practice of virtue, man can reach glory through the fruit of redemption and with the constant assistance of the grace given by the Holy Spirit.

In the frontmost zone of the façade there is a porch supported by seven columns: on the lower part there will be symbolisations of the world of sin, as opposed to the upper part, which will be dedicated to the virtues. On the upper part there will be three elements representing the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This will be in the exact centre of a structure of conoidal forms and will be represented by a white dove with its wings unfolded, on the Latin inscription "Spiritum Sanctum". On the upper part there will be the figure of the Son and, above and presiding the façade, the Father on the inscription "Deum" and, above that, "Credo". The letters of that word will be luminous so that they can be seen in the daytime and at night. The structure will be wrapped in a stone cloud with inscriptions telling the story of the creation of the world according to Genesis.
Drawing of the Glory façade