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Taking images is in all cases conditional on the authorisation of the Press Department of the Construction Board of La Sagrada Família. To request authorisation you must complete this application form.

With the information received, the Construction Board Press Department will decide if the report is viable or not. If so it will set a date and time for taking the images and sign a document authorising the applicant, containing the action allowed, the date and time and the conditions to be met by the applicant.
The applicant undertakes the following:

To fulfil the conditions established in the authorisation granted by the Construction Board of La Sagrada Família.

To keep to the timetable established for taking the images.

To use the images only in the form and for the purpose for which they have received the authorisation.

To reproduce a mention of the copyright indicated in the authorisation, whether on the credits for the report and/or at the foot of the reproduction.

To send a copy of the report to the Archive of La Sagrada Família.

NOTE: According to demand or the state of the works, we cannot guarantee that the report requested can be done.